Emerging - Leomie Willoughby-Ellis

Wednesday 27 April 2016 - Sunday 15 May 2016

Leomie Willoughby-Ellis emigrated from England in 2009 to raise her children in wild open spaces. Although living in Auckland, life revolves around the beautiful winding roads of the Waitakeres, the bush and most importantly, beaches. Having worked as an Archaeaological Illustrator she travelled widely and has always drawn, painted and sketched, selling or bartering pieces as she went. An accident in 2002 meant managing a chronic physical condition with regular therapy to keep mobile and upright. Painting and drawing helps create calm and peace, reducing stress and therefore injury. The painting process is a form of relaxation and bliss. Time does not pass and the world seems clarified but quiet when painting, which is evident in her images. These works find the calm, peace and beauty in spending time just being in Aotearoa.